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One in three adults cannot read this sentence.

Getting children interested and excited about reading can be a difficult, but very rewarding task. And the daily newspaper is a great tool to begin with. Through reading the Houston Chronicle, the news can be a wonderful, exciting gateway for children to a larger world of knowledge, learning, growth and pleasure.

That’s why the Readers Are Leaders Foundation was created — to help take children in the Houston area further in life than ever could be imagined. And it all begins with reading.

Consider these horrifying facts:

  • In Houston, almost one million adults are functionally illiterate.
  • Approximately 52% of adults in Harris County are functionally illiterate in English.
  • At least 31% of adults in Houston perform at the lowest level of literacy.
  • Texas ranks 47 out of the 50 United States in terms of English literacy.
  • Houston is listed at 49 in overall literacy out of America's 64 largest cities.
  • 68% of those arrested, 75% of welfare dependents, 85% of dropouts and 72% of the unemployed are identified as functionally illiterate.
  • 3 of 4 Texas inmates are functionally illiterate.
  • 85% of teenagers appearing in juvenile court are functionally illiterate.

By joining the Readers Are Leaders Foundation, we can turn these grim statistics around.

Each day, the Foundation provides reading and educational materials to thousands of children, helping to teach them to read and better understand the world events around them. When you read the “Programs” tab of this Web site, you’ll be amazed at the Adopt–A–Class and Club Chronicle Programs and how they serve our community.

Please help to enrich the future of a child. One hundred percent of your donation goes directly to providing reading materials and teaching guides for children in our programs. Your generous, tax-deductible contributions are greatly appreciated. Especially by the children you help.

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